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Professor Cordell Schulten"I am a writer working in the depths of South Punjab, on the edge of the Cholistan desert. Classical music has gone with me wherever I am in the world. Yours is an unpretentious classical station that plays a diverse range of old and modern and is very welcome at my workstation. I may be your only listener in Pakistan, but believe me you are much appreciated!" - Chris Cork, Editorial Consultant, The News

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Classical 90.7 KWMU-3

Our newest HD channel is St. Louis Public Radio Classical 90.7 KWMU-3. This HD channel and online service is dedicated to live classical music programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our hosts guide listeners into the heart of the classical repertoire, with carefully selected music that represent both classical favorites and lesser-known masterpieces, while ensuring that every hour of music is accessible and stimulating for novices and aficionados alike.

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Support for Classical KWMU-3 is provided in part by the St. Louis Symphony and Opera Theatre St. Louis.

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For a complete listing of currently available models, go to Many St. Louis-area vendors carry HD radios for automobiles. St. Louis vendors do not regularly stock portable, or tabletop, HD radios. However, many do carry HD tuner components that can be added to your existing home stereo.


This guide will help you learn about the difference between HD Radio and FM Radio, and it will assist you with optimizing your HD Radio listening experience. We've included some tips and techniques for obtaining the best reception based on your location.

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