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Concerts, lectures ...and the Kitchen Sink

Whether you are a fan of public radio or you have never listened, there is something for everyone in this series of discussions, live broadcasts, concerts and meet-ups. Events are held at St. Louis Public Radio in Grand Center and are sponsored by Mosby Building Arts.

Upcoming Event

Prairie Rehab
...And The Kitchen Sink Series
Prairie Rehab
May 28, 2015

Prairie Rehab is an engaging group of musicians who blend Americana with pop, country, and jazz.


7:30 PM | UMSL at Grand Center | St. Louis

Recent Events

April 28, 2015

Yale University's Whiffenpoofs, the world's oldest collegiate a cappella men's singing group, performed at UMSL at Grand Center.

George Hodgman
March 19, 2015

Join Hodgman for a lecture, Q&A, and book signing. In his hilarious, heartbreaking memoir, Bettyville, Hodgman shares his unforgettable mother-son journey, capturing truths about family, identity and our current American landscape.

The 422's
THE 442'S
February 19, 2015

The 442's are a unique collaboration by two members of the St. Louis Symphony and two members of the Erin Bode Group. Classical music and jazz are fused together for an exciting, new acoustic sound.

The 422's
December 11, 2014

Songbird Cafe and St. Louis Public Radio present "In-the-round @ KWMU", a musical performance by Pokey LaFarge as well as Kelly Wells, Ryan Spearman, Tommy Halloran