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Attendees at various Public Radio on Tap events posing for pictures

About the Young Friends

The Young Friends of St. Louis Public Radio is an active group of young public radio listeners dedicated to furthering St. Louis Public Radio as a trusted source of information and entertainment that opens minds and nourishes the spirit. The group works hand-in-hand with station leadership to create a more informed and engaged community of young professionals in the St. Louis area - one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

Three men pose for a picture at a Public Radio on Tap event

About Public Radio on Tap

Public Radio on Tap (PROT) seeks to bring together young professionals in the St. Louis region who are seeking to learn something new or stay on top of current news trends, in venues throughout St. Louis City and County to debate, discuss and converse over what currently makes St. Louis tick. All proceeds from PROT events will benefit St. Louis Public Radio programming and reporting and help to keep St. Louis as one of the leading National Public Radio stations in the country.

    PROT events are made up of the following 4 components:

  1. Current news trends and topics relevant to St. Louis
  2. A board of panelists or guest speakers who are experts
  3. to the topics at hand
  4. Time for debate, discussion and questions
  5. Beer, spirits and socializing

Three women pose for a picture at a Public Radio on Tap event

Past PROT events included An Anatomy of a Radio Story hosted at Sage, Sustainability hosted at The Missouri Botanical Gardens, Microbrews in the Lou hosted at Square One Brewery and Election Edition hosted at St. Louis Public Radio in Grand Center.

    Hosting venues will receive:

  • Minimum of (10) Station underwriting spots in support on St. Louis Public Radio
  • Promotion of the event through social media and emails to the Young Friends of St. Louis Public Radio
  • New customers and traffic to your venue. Expected number of people to events is 50 100, depending on venue size.

    Hosting venues need to be able to provide:

  • A private space for 50 100 people
  • A dedicated staff member for service throughout the event
  • Food & drink specials
  • Assistance in marketing the event to your customer base (flyers, social media, listed on website)