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Prop A - Allows Voters to Decide on Economic Future
Aired October 06, 2010
If the local earnings taxes are renewed by local voters, they would then be able to vote on those taxes every five years. Such sunset votes on local taxes are quite common in Missouri. This means people in St. Louis and Kansas City can decide for themselves whether to continue the local earnings tax in their city or gradually phase it out over a period of ten years.

And, Prop A prohibits the politicians from creating any new local earnings taxes in Missouri. That's important in these tough economic times.

Vote Yes on Prop A
Aired October 29, 2008
When I was asked to serve as a spokesperson for the YES on A Coalition, I studied Proposition A carefully. I found it to be a common sense measure that benefits Missouri schools and our economy.

Prop A finally gets rid of Missouriís outdated $500 casino spending limit, which doesnít exist in any other state. This will finally let Missouri casinos compete equally for visitors with casinos in Illinois. Thatís why Missouri casinos support Prop A.

Prop A increases the tax Missouri casinos pay to help fund education. The Missouri State Auditor says Prop A will provide over $100 million in new money every year for schools statewide, without increasing any taxes on Missouri residents.

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Scott Charton

Scott Charton


Scott Charton serves as spokesman for the YES on A Coalition. Mr. Charton was a long-time statehouse journalist and political writer in Missouri, including overseeing legislative coverage of 13 annual sessions of the Missouri General Assembly. He retired from The Associated Press after 23 years as a correspondent, and spent the last three years as Director of Communications for the University of Missouri System. He lives in Columbia, Missouri.

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