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Occupy Movement is About Accountability
Aired November 16, 2011
Mr. Schlafly wondered why protestors had “Go Cardinals” signs in Kiener Plaza. He asked, "Why would they protest corporate greed and support overpaid ballplayers?" More importantly, protesters have vocally opposed the misuse of taxpayers’ money to subsidize stadiums for the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams. This is what the Occupy Movement is about: accountability. St. Louis taxpayers had no voice in these decisions.

Occupy Wall Street is about the wealthy elite 1% being subsidized with taxpayers money without the consent of the governed. That's why it isn't an "occupy government" movement. Our elected officials are slaves of finance industry lobbyists, corporate interests and the military-industrial complex. These special interests own them. The 99% of us workers, farmers, consumers, unemployed and students don't have that clout.

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Tim Kaminski

Tim Kaminski


Tim Kaminski was an active member of the UAW, served 2 years as Committeeperson UAW Local 110, and retired from Chrysler in 2007 after 30 years. He ran for 7th ward Alderman in St. Louis City in 2009 on the Green Party Ticket. He lives in St. Louis, MO

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