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School Accreditation and Poverty
Aired November 00, 2012
As the struggles of school districts across the state reflect it is not size or geography that will determine success but rather the quality of the education being provided and our ability to support the families and neighborhoods where the schools are located. We need to recognize that where a child lives - their house, their apartment and their neighborhood - matters. In essence, home matters.

Money Over Leadership and Policy
Aired July 05, 2012
Recent estimates suggest that President Obama and Mitt Romney will spend a combined $2.5 billion in this yearís presidential campaign. My struggle is that I never hear anyone say ďdid you see that great ad from the President or Mr. Romney?Ē I just canít see how or just canít find someone who will affirm that ads did the trick for them.

The Supreme Court has ruled that this unfettered spending is acceptable delivery of free speech by corporations and the rest of us. I just canít help to think that isnít there something better we can do with $2.5 billion.

Turner Vs. Clayton - The Missing Crux
Aired May 21, 2012
Few if any of the voices around what is being called ďthe Turner Fix" are talking about the consequences of poverty on children, their families and their neighborhoods. Unless we address this topic all the other conversations about who pays for public education, who benefits, teacher performance and many other educational topics will be irrelevant.

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Chris Krehmeyer

Chris Krehmeyer


Chris Krehmeyer is the President/CEO of Beyond Housing, a Neighborworks America organization in St. Louis, Missouri. He has served in that capacity since 1993. Chris has or currently sits on a variety of boards and has been an adjunct faculty member at Washington University teaching a class in social entrepreneurship. Chris is married with three children and has an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from Washington University.

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