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Insane Standard Time
Commentary by: Wm. Stage
Aired March 29, 2007

People say change is good. Not me. My last four cars have been the same make and model. I eat the same bland oatmeal for breakfast. In fact, Iím still on the old time. I havenít ďsprung forwardĒ with everyone else. My clocks are still set to the time we had prior to March 11, when the time elves worked their mischief.

In the past I went along with it. I grumbled, but I conformed. Not this year. Why change the very meter of our lives? People have even rioted over lost time. In 1582, to correct a cumulative error in the Julian calendar Pope Gregory decreed that the day following October 4 would be October 15. The burghers rose up, smashing clocks and sundials. Today itís no different, bureaucrats still tinkering with our time. Iíve heard the arguments: Clocks are set back in winter so school kids wonít wait in the dark for the bus. Sure, worry about the children but never mind the adults. I know a man who went into depression having missed an episode of General Hospital, the time change messed him up. Let the children carry lanterns with them to the bus stop.

Folks in Indiana put up such a holler over time changes that they did away with the whole mess, voted it right out. Most of the Hoosier state is on Eastern Standard Time the year round and saner for it. Has anyone ever asked whether we want this? Twice a year itís forced on us and just when you get used to one time they change it back.

Itís not easy being a hold-out and those around you can suffer as well. My daughter complains about being dropped off at her grade school an hour early. She complains even more when I arrive after lunch to pick her up.

(The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of St. Louis Public Radio.)

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Wm. Stage

Wm. Stage


A journalist and photographer since 1982, Wm. Stage has plumbed the life stories of thousands of people. He has taught photojournalism at Saint Louis University's School for Professional Studies [1990-96] and he is an alumnus of the Photojournalism Workshop, offered by University of Missouri - Columbia's School of Journalism and held in a different Missouri town every year since 1946. He is the author of six non-fiction books including Have A Weird Day: Reflections and Ruminations on the St. Louis Experience. He lives with his dog, Jack, in The Hill neighborhood of St. Louis.

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