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WHAT IS A DRIVEWAY MOMENT? Maybe it’s happened to you as it has to countless’re driving home, listening to a story on NPR. Suddenly, you find yourself in your driveway (or parking space or parking garage). Rather than turn the radio off, you stay in your car to hear the piece to the end.

Here are some of our listeners' favorite Driveway Moments. What's yours? Let us know at

Dana Biermann

Dana Biermann was listening to:

The Moth Radio Hour
Episode: Finding Esther
Susan Duncan cares for her dying mother and finally bridges the gulf between them.


“It’s that touching of a human life, that human experience, that’s so important to hear."

Dave Collier

Dave Collier was listening to:

The Moth Radio Hour
Episode: Adolescence and Agony
A boy has a standing weekly date with his grandma; a mom intercepts a romantic letter; a teen faces a wild buck in the woods; a quest for the perfect first kiss; and a middle school pencil case mystery.


"On The Moth, there was one girl who was talking about how terrible her first kiss was. It was just a really funny edition of The Moth Radio Hour kept me in my car for probably longer than I would have been otherwise."

Erin Nolan

Erin Nolan was listening to:

This American Life
Episode: Stuck in the Middle
Jan Brady is not the only one who hated being in the middle. This episode highlights stories about how it sucks to be in limbo or be the mediator, but we also hear from a man who absolutely loves being in that uncertain and boring middle most of us dread — on hold, listening to hold music.


"I have a lot of Driveway Moments. They happen a lot when I'm listening to This American Life. I heard this great story on This American Life about hold music, of all things."

Joy Marcus

Joy Marcus was listening to:

The Moth Radio Hour
Episode: Prosthetics, Boot Camp, and Heartache
Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch stands up to his anti-Semitic platoon leader while in training for WWII.


“I didn’t think of Mayor Koch as a little skinny Jewish kid who would be bullied. It’s just really incongruous and I loved how honest he was and how he talked about how he stood up to the bully. I thought that was a window into a side of Ed Koch that you wouldn’t have gotten any other place but The Moth. It moved me and it made me realize that, you know, everybody starts out as a kid with a problem and most likely a bully to overcome and I thought it was just wonderful.”