Social Media Policy

Station-Wide Employee Guidelines

Social media is a powerful tool in furthering St. Louis Public Radio’s mission: to inform and provide a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures for a more inspired and engaged public.

You are a critical part of that mission. As such, we want to offer recommendations for navigating social media and using your online presence to greatest effect — as both a St. Louis Public Radio team member and a private citizen with freedom of speech rights.

Preserving St. Louis Public Radio’s standing as a trusted and impartial source of news in the community is paramount. We would expect that, as professionals, you would act thoughtfully as you do online as you do in any other public space — maintaining our values of audience first, trust and accountability, inclusivity and respect, innovation and creativity, and discovery and joy. We all represent St. Louis Public Radio and should strive to maintain the journalistic integrity of our organization.

These recommendations will try to keep up with the pace of social media’s evolution. Please approach this public conversation with integrity and transparency. If you see social media activity by other staff members that concerns you, please raise your concern respectfully and collegially with your supervisor so that we can enter into a productive discussion.

Additional Guidelines for News Employees

The ethics rules that apply to offline information gathering also apply to online information gathering and consideration of sources. These guidelines include: