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2015 Report to the Community

Conversations Connecting Communities

Conversation is the exchange of ideas, thoughts, and information by two or more people. For St. Louis Public Radio, creating  a space for these exchanges is the very core of what we do every day on-air, on line and in person.


On August 14, 2014, the St. Louis region was thrust into the world spotlight with the shooting death of Michael Brown and the subsequent unrest in Ferguson. Through our talk show, social media, and special events, the entire STLPR news and program teams dedicated countless hours covering the stories in Ferguson and engaging the community in discussions of the issues of race. 

Town Hall Forums with NPR’s Michel Martin

Just two weeks after the events in Ferguson began to unfold, STLPR held a town hall forum in Ferguson to discuss race, law enforcement and what steps were needed to heal the community. Moderated by NPR’s Michel Martin, more than 350 people turned out to hear  from and interact with a panel of law enforcement, government officials, clergy and social-justice leaders. Protestors, area residents and many concerned St. Louisans shared their experiences, thoughts and ideas. Martin returned to St. Louis in March to host a follow-up town hall event that was attended by 300-plus people.

We Live Here

To keep the conversations going about issues of race and culture, our newsroom created We Live Here, a multi-platform project that explores the issues of race, class, power, and poverty. Through bi-weekly podcasts, events, and activities, STLPR is engaging current and new audiences across the St. Louis region and across the country. We Live Here is one of three STLPR podcasts that listeners can explore beyond our traditional broadcast streams. The other two podcasts are Cut & Paste, about arts and culture, and Politically Speaking, covering government and politics.

“We Live Here is a unique endeavor that might not have been possible without the generous support of individuals and foundations whose interest is community development and an informed democracy."

- St. Louis Public Radio General Manager Tim Eby


One Year In Ferguson  

Diversity Fellowship

Our diversity fellowship is a learning opportunity for new reporters interested in covering issues of race, ethnicity, and class. After working with two talented fellows, in 2015 STLPR employed a dedicated reporter/producer to expand our coverage of these issues and to mentor future fellows within our diversity program.

Political Coverage of 2016

As we look forward to 2016, a Presidential election year, STLPR is committed to enhancing our already robust coverage of the issues and candidates on local, state and national ballots. We will explore new ideas for integrating our on-air and online coverage with social media and in-person events. Here are a few of the things we have planned: daily news coverage; Politically Speaking podcasts; St. Louis on the Air segments; candidate/issue forums; debate watching parties in the Public Media Commons; a visit from NPR’s Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving at the STLPR Annual Dinner; and The Capitol Steps will perform a staged musical, comedic take on the political season.

Public Radio In Person

Throughout the year, STLPR hosted many signature events, as well as two event series, to engage people in discussion and to learn about the people, programs, products and property in our community. Together, more than 10,000 people attended events in 2015. Featured among these events were visits by The Moth Radio Hour, StoryCorps and Ask Me Another.  Locally, we experienced food, music, comedy, theater, storytelling and debate in our Kitchen Sink and Public Radio on Tap series.

St. Louis on the Air and Cityscape produced two town hall meetings in Ferguson in August and March. The events, moderated by NPR’s Michel Martin, were recorded for broadcast for listeners in St. Louis and 25 other public radio stations across the country.  More than 650 people attended these two forums.

Library & Storytelling

St. Louis Public Radio’s multimedia project, We Live Here, explored race, class, and diversity with the help of the St. Louis Public Library, the St. Louis Storytelling Festival, and the general public at cultural festivals and community events.

Community voices received exposure through Sounding Boards placed at four libraries (Baden, Barr, Divoll, and Walnut Park) and at several cultural events throughout the city of St. Louis. Residents were asked to recall their relevant experiences, interactions, and biases realized before and after the events in Ferguson.  The station received several hundred responses to the prompts. These responses were used to direct the conversations on the We Live Here podcast. 

Additionally, an entire segment of the St. Louis Storytelling Festival centered on race took place at UMSL at Grand Center.  The stories, and the discussion following the stories, provided perspective and understanding on experiences in the lives of a diverse group of participants and audience members.

Public Media Commons

On September 13, 2014 a new collaboration of the Nine Network of Public Media, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and St. Louis Public Radio began with the opening of the Public Media Commons — a 9,000-square-foot, open-air media space in the Grand Center Arts District of St. Louis. The Commons is intended to bring people together for multi-media experiences that stimulate creative thinking. More than 1,000 people took place in the inaugural event, which included food, music, and the screening of original video content.



Women pray during the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis' service to celebrate Eid al-fitr, or the breaking of the month-long Ramadan fast  


St. Louis Public Radio and its staff received significant industry recognition in Fiscal Year 2015.

• Feature Reporting (1st) category for An 11-Year Old Provides Words of Wisdom About Ferguson, by Jason Rosenbaum

• Sports Reporting (1st) category for Money? Pride? Both? Gauging the Value of Professional Football in St. Louis, by Jason Rosenbaum

• Series (1st) category for More Illinois Farmers Are Embracing High-Tech Ag – But is “Big Data” Too Much Like “Big Brother”?, by Maria Altman and Veronique LaCapra

• Spot News (1st) category for National Guard Called in After Ferguson Shatters in Night of Rolling Confrontation, by Stephanie Lecci and Veronique Lacapra

• Spot News (Certificate) category for Michael Brown’s Death Shines Piercing Light on St. Louis’ Exposed Tensions, by Jason Rosenbaum

• Documentary/Public Affairs (Certificate) category for St. Louisans’ Photo Project Brings Older Transgender People Out of the Shadows, by Nancy Fowler

The honor recognizes St. Louis Public Radio's overall efforts for both digital and radio reporting excellence.

• Website: St. Louis Public Radio live blog. Kelsey Proud and all staff

• Writing: A Teachable Moment by Tim Lloyd

• Use of Sound/Video: "Remembering Gaslight Square" by Veronique LaCapra

• Reporting: hard news: "Michael Brown's Death" by Jason Rosenbaum

• Feature reporting: "Locked In: One family's story from behind the front lines" by Durrie Bouscaren

• Continuing Coverage: "Ferguson: Community Reacts" all staff

General excellence in online journalism, medium.

Tim Lloyd, 1st Place for Broadcast Beat Reporting


Now that LouFest 2015 has ended, what do St. Louisans want for next year?  

Who We Serve



Chinese Lantern Festival sells out in return to St. Louis  

Financial Report


($ in thousands) Year Ended 6/30/2015 Year Ended 6/30/2014
Fundraising $5,904 66% $7,708 81%
UMSL Direct Support 435 5% 20  
UMSL Indirect Support 1,379 15% 1,197 13%
Corporation for Public Broadcasting 991 11% 341 3%
Other In-Kind Non-operating Revenue 11   11  
Investment Income 299 3% 298 3%
TOTAL REVENUES: $9,019 100% $9,575 100%

Notes: Fundraising in FY14 includes Beacon transition fund pledge revenues of $2.6 million.



($ in thousands) Year Ended 6/30/2015 Year Ended 6/30/2014
Program Services $6,140 66% $4,706 60%
Fundraising & Development 2,203 23% 1,805 23%
Management & Administration 944 10% 1,292 16%
Depreciation Expense 78 1% 76 1%
TOTAL EXPENSES: $9,365 100% $7,879 100%

Your Move Chess program stimulates minds of youth  

Community Support


St. Louis Public Radio salutes the generous members of the St. Louis Public Radio Cornerstone Society. They are honored for their gifts of $1,200 or more annually.

Carl Kassell Circle $25,000 +

Anonymous (3) Signa & Bob Hermann Monsanto
Dan & Connie Burkhardt Mary Lee & Robert Hermann Robert & Kathleen O'Loughlin
William T. Kemper Foundation - Commerce Trust Bank Lilly Christy Busch Hermann Charitable Foundation Carrie & William Polk, Jr.
Dana Brown Charitable Trust, U.S. Bank Trustee Lotsie & Rick Holton Emily Rauh Pulitzer
Dr. William H. Danforth Linda & Michael Honigfort The Richard A. Baker Foundation
Harry Edison Foundation Mary Ranken Jordan & Ettie A. Jordan Charitable Tom Schlafly
Hope & Julian Edison John S. & James L. Knight Foundation Ken & Pat Schutte
Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation Nancy & Kenneth Kranzberg Shawn & Kenneth Suelthaus
Leon & Harriet Felman John & Anne McDonnell Josephine & Richard Weil
Alison & John Ferring Missouri Arts Council The William A. Kerr Foundation
Harry Edison Foundation Missouri Foundation For Health  

Cornerstone Visionary $10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous (3) Megan & Quinn Kiley The Silk Foundation Peter & Linda Werner
Drs. Nanci & James Bobrow Oliver* & Mary Langenberg Mildred, Herbert & Julian Simon Foundation Bruce & Trosh Williams
Lewis C. Chartock Bruce & Kim Olson Frank & Ted Stokes Judy & Lon Zimmerman
Constance Deschamps James O'Neil Susanne Franza Valdez  
Doreen Dodson & Dana Spitzer David Ott & Elizabeth Streett-Ott Steve & Emily Walton  
Karen Kalish Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Rose Dr. Virginia Weldon  

Cornerstone Leaders $5,000 - $9,999

Anonymous (2) David & Nancy Fagerness Eric P. & Evelyn* E. Newman The Clifford Willard Gaylord Foundation C/O Noteworthy Services
Crystal & John Beuerlein DM3 Fund Cindy Ormsby Trio Foundation of St. Louis
Kathleen Bibbins & John McArthur The George Herbert Walker Foundation Brian Abel Ragen Kimberly Walker
Jerry & Rosalie Brasch The Greater St. Louis Community Foundation Regional Arts Commission David & Rita Wells
Charles & Bunny Burson Walter & Natasha Hawkins John & Elizabeth Samet  
Jennifer Williamson & Alan Connolly Karen & Mont Levy Jane Smith Shapleigh  
John & Yvette Dubinksy Charlotte & John Martin Donald J. & Shirley B. Sher  

Cornerstone Patron $2,400 - $4,999

Anonymous (5) Barbara Eagleton Jimmie & Kim Lenz Orli Shaham & David E. Robertson
Ernest & Barbara Adelman Tim Eby Dr. Michael & Mrs. Lynnw Lippmann Michael Rubin & Jackie Levin
Donald Bingaman Richard & Mary Ernst Mr. & Mrs. A. S. Love Jim & Kathy Runk
Marion & Van-Lear Black Dave Fisk Suzanne Mason Christopher J. Sallee
BP Products North America Clairborne & Avrom Handleman Ellen McGirt Benjamin & Melanie Schmickle
Lisa & William Brougham Sophia Hayes & Christopher Hagedorn John & Constance McPheeters Russell K. Scott & M. Loretta Lopinot*
Don & Carol Carlson Robert Henkel J. Andrew & Denise G. Miller Meena & Anushuman Sharma
Maxine Clark & Bob Fox Richard C. & Karen P. Hoff Jeanne Miller Margaret Shoptaw
Graham Colditz & Pat Cox Mark & Peggy Holly Missouri State Employees Combined Federal Campaign Linda Lewin Stark
Elaine R. Diller Barbara & Lawrence Holmes Becky & Larry Nance William P. Thompson
Joan & John Doughtery Elizabeth A. Kellogg Jeanne Nerbonne & Andreas Burkhalter Susan & Peter Tuteur
Leo* & Kay Drey Shahrdad Khodamoradi Steven Novik & Cathy Baranick Susan & Benjamin Uchitelle
Terry & Dr. Clay Dunagan In Memory Of Gary Ladinsky Linda & Scott Parsons Renate Walsh
Pat Whitaker & Dick Miles      

Cornerstone Leaders $1,200 - $2,399

Anonymous (22) Drs. Randy Clary & Lisa Etzwiler Ronald M. Levin Karen Ruecker & Adam Eaton
90 Degrees West Laura Jean Bierut & Bradley Evanoff Charlyn Lewis Ann & Peter Ruger
Sandra & Ronald Ackerman Ronald & Hanna Evens Krista & Christopher Lewis Ann Rynearson
Susan Adams Paul Evensen Terri & Steve Leyton Tom & Mary Pat Santel
Amy Anderson Mr. & Mrs. David C. Farrell William & Violet Li Mary & Scott Santen
Dr. Claire Anderson Alan J. Feldmeier Heide M. Lind Edward Schapiro
Anthony Apicelli Kathleen Ferrell & Richard Brasington George Linden & Eva Dreikurs Ferguson Drs. Bradley L. & Hristina Schlaggar
Anil Arekapudi Kenneth A. & Marsha Fey Linda Locke Heidi Schoen
Matthew Armstrong Barbara & John Finch Michele Lodin Deanna & King Schoenfeld
Jo Ann* & Fred Arnold Dr. Gregory & Susan Finn Nancy Loftus Paul & Suzanne Schoomer
Jeanine Arrighi Pepe & Terry Finn Christopher Allen Long Tim & Lynne Schroeder
Arts & Education Council Sue Fischlowitz & David Roberts Ronald & Belinda Long Irene Schulze
Nancy & Dr. Greg Atchison Sarah Smith & Dick Fleming Timothy Long Diane Schumacker
Mary Atkin Adrienne Fly Michael & Lecie Lowenbaum Anthony Schutzenhofer
Brooke Atkinson Bradley E.S. Fogel & Bella L.F. Sanevich Drs. Dan & Susan Luedke Barbara Schwartz
Charles Avery & Ellen Dennis Gretta Forrester Wayne & Karla Luedke Drs. Benjamin & Susan Schwartz
Ellen Schapiro & Gerald Axelbaum Thomas Foster Ann S. Lux Edward & Deborah Schwarz
Bob & Nancy Baglan Janet M. Frane Ian Lyons Georgine O’Donnell & Dennis Sedlak
Sonya Bahar Harris J. Frank Alan P. & Christine Lyss Chip Self
A. J. Bardol Stanley & Terry Freerks Judith & John MacDonald Natalie Semchyshyn, MD
Wayne & Nancy Barnes Margaret Wolf & William Freivogel Judi & Sandi MacLean Laurie & Evren Senol
Elaine & Roger Barhill Tanya French Tessa Madden Vinaya Sermadevi
Christine C. Bastian Miriam Wilhelm & Eric Friedman Holly Maffitt Bruce Shapiro
Ethel & Robert Bauer Elise & Anthony Frisella Marylen Mann & Frank Jacobs Aseem Sharma
Serenity Suregry Jonathan & Julie Gaebe Jim & Kathleen Mannion Glenn Sheffield
Donald & Carolyn Beimdiek Dr. Ira* & Judith Gall John Marlow Sanjiv Shekhar
Barbara Bennett & Karl Wilson Gallop Family Foundation Garland & Suzanne Marshall Diane Sher
Jefferey L. Bewley Nancy K. Galofré Janine Martin Katie & Vihar Sheth
Mr. John H. Biggs & Mrs. Penelope William T. Gamewell Susan Matlof Drs. Katherine Shiue & John Park
Claire & Stanley Birge Michael & Catherine Garner Wilma & Michael* Matta John & Deanna Simanowitz
Catherine Anne Bishop Aaron Gaston Pat Matthews & Steve Kelley Don Simpson
Jennifer E. Blome Rob & Maripat Gatter Jerry McAdams Scott Sinclair & Cheryl Hansen
Kathleen Bolduan Matthew German Linda McAffrey Richard & Nancy Singer
Sharon Bower Susan Getzschman John McArthur Drs. Inderjit & Toniya Singh
Mr. & Mrs. Blackford F. Brauer Mike Giacaman Sheri McCann Sangeeta & Satish Singh
The Hon. & Mrs. Stephen F. Brauer Ted Gianaris Julie McCollum Dr. Raymond Slavin
Lyle & Charlene Brizendine John & Dora R. Gianoulakis Charles McConkey & Rebecca Poon William S. & Margaret A. Sly
Dr. Bronner's Family Foundation Michael C. Gibson Robert McCoole & Alison Allman David A. Smith
Jeri Bross Margaret Gilleo & Charles Guenther, Jr. Linda & Tom McCrackin Dr. and Mrs. Gerard V. Smith
Dr. Barbara W. Brown James & Christine Gilsinan Mrs. Sandford N. McDonnell Dr. Kinim Smith
Chery Green & David Brown Kim Gladstone Drs. Colleen McNicholas & Julianne Donnelly Peter B. Smith
Rachel Keller & Travis Brown Karen & Lawrence Goering Suzy & Bill McShane Anne & Chris Sommers
Samuel D. Brown Nora Ryan & Ned Golterman Steven Mennerick & Tamara Hershey Mark H. Spurrier
Jeanne & Bob Bubb Barbara B. Goodman Terese Reiter Messman Deborah & Rihcard Stamp
Richard & Kathleen Bucholz Joan Goodson Lewis Meyerson Susan Stangler
Juan Burriel Ronald Gossen Energy Solutions, Inc. Raymond & Shari Steege
Jim Butler & Nancy Hamilton Frank Goudsmit & Michelle Zielinski Peter Michelson David & Dale Steinberg
Amy M. Butts Margot Goudsmit Andrea & Charles Miller Michele & Michael Steinberg
Elise R. Cady Don Grampp Bette Miller Joann Stephan
Jamie* & Mary Jo Cannon Jim & Dudley Grove Cory Miller Dr. Andrea Stephens
David Charak, II Leo Gugliocciello Paul & Laura Miller Peter Stevens
Charles & Katherine Claggett Dorothy Haase Michael Moberly - Knowledge Protection Strategies Delta Stokes Seward & Chris Seward
Brass & Casey Clarkson Meloni M. Hallock Jill & Roy Moed Maxine Stone
Pamela Coffin Karen Handelman & Marc Hirshman Kelle & Jeff Moley Mary Strauss
Emily & Daniel Cohen Mary Hartman Christine Moody Connie & Lynn Suydam
Thomas & Sarah Cohn Robert Hartupee James & Merry Mosbacher Susan Talve & James Goodman
Emily Colton Richard A. Hasler Virginia Mulanax Valerie P. Terry
Jill Comely Philip Heagney & Barbara Prosser Carol Mullins Liu Lin Thio
Elizabeth S. Concannon Clark W. Hedger Dr. Nabil Munfakh Mary Ann Tipton
Ellen Condie Jacob A. & Jessica Herschend Nancy & Jim Murphy James Tobin & Virginia Heagney
Charlene & Joseph Conolly Sandra Hindelang Robert Mustell Mary & Simon Tonkin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Cook Joan Hjelle Kabeya Mwintshi Jan Torrisi-Mokwa
Vanessa Cook & Brian Marten Dr. Gregory & Jane Johnson Hoeltzel J. Gail Neely, MD Pam & Greg Trapp
James W. Cooper Maureen & Charles Hoffman Lee & Rogene Nelsen Sarah Trulaske
Jerry & Joan Cooper Cynthia M. & Francis J. Hruby Alice & Thomas Nelsen Martha Uhlhorn
Alexis Cosse & Erik Karanik Lyn Hurst Christine A. Neubauer John & Lucy Unger
Lindl & Michael Costello Nancy Inman & Rudivani Cavataio Neal & Pamela Neuman Andrea & Peter D. Van Cleve
Dr. & Mrs. James P. Crane Robert & Andrea Jackson Rosalind & Sanford Neuman Connie L. Van Fleet
Drs. Alicia & Christopher Creighton The Janklow Family Gene & Dayle Norber Beverly & Peter Van Home
Jane Cridland & Juan Garcia Vincent Q. Joe Kimberly & Ronald Norwood Elizabeth Vollmar
Patricia & Jack Croughan Bettie S. Johnson Rhoda & Samuel Nussbaum Grace & Rick Voytas
Sheldon Culver Ralph Johnson & Pam Lesser Mariko Nutt Amy Wachs & Tim Schedl
Gail & Steve Curley Carol G. & Robert E. Jones Dr. Daniel O'Brian Mark & Donna Waldman
Diane & Anthony Cutaia Dr. Gihan Kader Olu & Ronke Ogunremi Harvey Wallace & Madeleine Elkins
Carlos & Joyce Daughaday Jennifer Kaitscuk Elizabeth B O'Herin Laurel & Paul Walle
C.R. Davis Marianne & David Karges Marlene Osthoff Hank Webber & Chris Jacobs
Kathy Davis Dr. Stacey Smith & Dr. Richard Katz Mary & Robert Otis Anne & Harry Weber
Mark Deany Mrs. Roger Katz Shanti Parikh Verena Weber
Hillary Debenport Cheryl & Lawrence Katzenstein Rachel Parker Janice & Gary Weil
Philip Delano Diane & David Katzman Lee Parks Anabeth & John Weil
James & Kathleen Delmez Rev. Carl & Dr. Duane Keller Judy Peil Mark S. Weil
Vicki & Terrell Dempsey Cindy & Douglas L. Kelly Lucinda Perry & Matt Jones Peter Weiss & Barbara Horn
Dr. & Mrs. Alex E. Denes Roger & Allison Kepner Laura & Robert B. Peterson III Phyllis & Dr. Terry Weiss
Dr. Paul C. Deutch Shelley & John Kerley Nathalie Pettus Alexander Weymann
Peggy Devoy Sonja Kershaw Jill Petzall & Claude Evans Ellen & Bruce White
Katherine Di Iorio Bret & Angie Kimes Laurie & Brad Phillips Dr. S. William & Marcia Whitson
Deborah R. & Robert M. Dolgin Joan & Charles Kindleberger Philpott Family Mrs. Eugene F. Williams Jr.
Hazel & Arnold Donald Father Gerald Kleba Susie & Gordon Philpott Timothy & Christina Williamson
Margaret Donnelly & David Reidel Robert Kleiger Jeff Pollock Megan & Charlie Willingham
David A. Dotson Carol & Ward Klein Florine & Joseph T. Porter, Jr. Keith Willy & Carmen Quenzer
Don & Tracy Downing Caralmae & Robert Knickmeyer Martha Post James & Doris* Wilson
Katherine Drescher Paul Knopp Leigh Pratter Robert Winters
Don & Joyce Driemeier Lesley C. Knowles Dr. Alice Prince Bruce Witte
Robert & Jean Ducker Patrick Kojima Dr. Mabel Purkerson Dr. Patricia B. & Hon. Michael Wolf
Robert W. Duffy & Martin R. Kaplan Eugene Kornblum Catherine & Maurice Quiroga Howard & Joyce Wood Family Fund
Kim Eberlein Miki & Gary Kornell Laura Radcliff Erni & John Wood
Charles Eby & Lisa Ross David Krausch Lynne Puetz Jack & Claudia Wright
Paula Edick Paul & Francine Kravitz John & Susan Rava David & Beverly Wrobel
Johann & Richard Ellerbrake Jim & Mary Lou Krueger Ms. Kimberly Rayford & Mr. Timothy Lucido Gerald Wunderlich
Jeffrey Hampton & Catherine Ellis Judy & Chuck Kulczycki Marti Reichman Rob Wylie
Kathryn Ellis Paul & Kathy Lacko Mrs. Arthur J. Reimers Alice Yawitz
James & Lionelle Elsesser Stacie Laff Barbara & Michael Richter Kit Young & Anita Hagerman
Vera & Bill Emmons John Lamb Barbara Wallace & Ken Rinderknecht Kathleen & Kerry Youngerman
Richard & Judith* Engelsmann Leanne Latuda Jane M. & Bruce P. Robert Ann & Robert Zeffert
Sara & Frederick* Epstein Lee Dale Ann & Leon Robison Susan W. & Stuart Zimmerman
Chris & Tom Eschen Sally Leible Edna U. Rosenheim Kathleen Zorica
The Janklow Family Noel Leicht Rabbi Elliot & Nancy Rosenstock  
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Etges Ellen Howe & Martin Leifeld Philip & Reggie Roy  
Ethical Society Of St. Louis David & Nicole Lemkemeier Jane & Jim Rubin  

The Legacy Society honors those who have included the station in their will, trust, life income gift, retirement or insurance plans. We thank the Legacy Society members listed below and also the many others we do not yet know who have included St. Louis Public Radio in their plans.

Anonymous (2) Eugene G. Guttin Melissa Meise Donald J. & Shirley B. Sher
Marsha Bohm* Claire Halpern Elizabeth S. Millman* Steven Spaner
Sharon Bower Fred & Corrine Hammer* Patrick J. Morris* Shelley Stewart
Jerry & Rosalie Brasch Glenda Hares Susan W. Nall Maxine Stone
Dr. Barbara W. Brown Jean M. Hobler Mariko Nutt Joyce Trebilcot*
Karen Buckey Linda & Michael Honigfort Dorothy O’Donnell-Young* Susan & Benjamin Uchitelle
Marilyn G. Carpenter* Roland & Joanne Kern* Kathleen & Richard Parvis* Bruce & Trish Williams
Lewis C. Chartock Carol Ann Klein* Brian Abel Ragen James & Doris* Wilson
Susan Anning Clark Edgar A. Krattli Mrs. Arthur J. Reimers Jeffrey S. Wilson
Joseph E. Corrigan Mary Ann & Brian Landreth Mr. & Mrs. Albert S. Rose Gerald Wunderlich
Margaret W. Dagen* Carola Margraf* Laura & John Rossmann Lynn & Darrell Yearwood
Spencer DeHart Charlotte & John Martin David A. Schumaier Judy & Lon Zimmerman
Ann T. Eggebrecht Linda A. McAffrey Sandra Shaner  
* deceased

Many companies match contributions to St. Louis Public Radio. We salute the companies that matched gifts in 2014-2015 totaling more than $45,000.

AETNA Boeing FFM Global Mallinckrodt PNC Bank
Air Products Brown Group Inc. Gannett Mastercard RLI
Allianz Bunge General Mills Microsoft Saint-Gobain Corp.
Union Pacific Co Caterpillar GKN MoneyPlus SAP
Ameren Chubb & Son, Inc. Goldman Sachs & Co. Monsanto Scottrade
AON Coviden Grainger Novus International Thomson Reuters
Apple Dell Inc. IBM Occidental Petroleum Corporation USBank
Automobile Club of Missouri Elsevier Illinois Tool Works Foundation Oppenheimer Verizon
Bank of America Emerson Kraft Peabody Energy Walsh & Assoc. Inc.
Battelle Energizer Lions Club of Webster Grove Pfizer INC. Wells Fargo
Belden Exxon-Mobil Macy's Phillips 66  


Corporate Support dollars play a significant role in the operating budget for St. Louis Public Radio. We would like to acknowledge and thank our corporate sponsors whose financial support helps to continue the mission of St. Louis Public Radio.

21 C Museum Hotel First Championship Missouri History Museum St. Lou Fringe
2E Creative First Church Of Christ-Christian Science Church Mizzou Composers Festival St. Louis Ballet Company
Academy of Science of St. Louis Flyover Coffee Montessori Lab School at Grand Center St. Louis Brewers Guild
Academy of the Sacred Heart Fontbonne Graduate Program Mosby Building Arts St. Louis Cardinals
Acropolis Investment Fountain On Locust National Shows 2 St. Louis Catherdral Concerts
AFS-USA Fox Associates New City School St. Louis Chamber Chorus
Alexandra Ballet Fox Performing Arts Charitable Foundation Noodles & Company St. Louis Children's Hospital
Alliance Francaise Frisella Nursery Nazareth Living Center St. Louis Classical Guitar Society
Ameren Services Gitana Productions Northwest Coffee St. Louis Community College
Arcturis Global Village Language Center Company St. Louis County Library
Art Of The Car Grandone Media Strategies Open Highway Music Festival St. Louis Earth Day
Art On The Square Gray, Ritter, & Graham Opera Theatre of Saint Louis St. Louis International Film Festival
Ascension Great Rivers Greenway Organizing Magic St. Louis Mercantile Library
Bach Society of St. Louis Greater STL Community Foundation Parktown Audi St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra
Barnes Jewish Hospital Green Bean Delivery Parkway Area AEL St. Louis Rams
Bayer Xofigo Greensfelder Patty Long Catering Company Saint Louis Science Center
Bethesda Lutheran Communities Greenways AcademyCompany Paycor St. Louis Shakespeare Company
Bobrow DSP Gringo Peabody Opera House St. Louis Speaker Series
Brightsource IT Habitat For Humanity Peter and Paul Community Services St. Louis Symphony
Brown School of Social Work, Washington U. Half Price Books Photobooth STL Stages St. Louis
Bunge North America Hannibal Visitors And Convention Bureau Pinckney Bend Distillery Startup Weekend St. Louis
Burkhardt Daysponsor Harness Dickey & Pierce Plowsharing Crafts State Farm Insurance-Wil Seyer
Cabaret Project Healthlink Inc. PNC Financial Services Steve Litman Presents Concerts
Camp Jump Start Hotel Ignacio Polsinelli Stinson Leonard Street LLP
Candlewick Press Ices Plain & Fancy Poynter Landscape The Booksource
Center Of Creative Arts Indiana Office Of Tourism Development Pricpia College The German Association
Central Truat & Investment Co. International Schoolhouse Pulitzer Arts Foundation The Magic House
Checker Bag Company Jazz St. Louis Raintree School The Open Space Council
Christner Inc. JCC Jewish Community Center Ready Readers The St. Michael School Of Clayton
Church Of St. Michael And St. George Jewish Federation Of St. Louis Realty Exchange Third Degree Glass Factory
Cioci's Picturemart Jill Petzall Touchstones Repertory Theatre Of St. Louis Thomas Cohn Associates
Circus Flora Kirkwood Public Library Richmond Heights Memorial Library Thomas Jefferson School
Citizens For Modern Transit Kiwanis Rosati-Kain High School Tide Dry Cleaners
City Arch River Laumeier Sculpture Park Saint Louis Art Museum Touhill Performing Arts Center
City Of Maplewood Lecole Culinaire Sangamon Auditorium TWANGFEST
College School Lee Institute C/O Ladue Chapel Sauce Magazine University Of Missouri-St. Louis
Contemporary Art Museum Of St. Louis Leslie Hindman Auctioneers Schlafly Beer UMSL Communications
Cosgrove Law, LLC Lift For Life Gym School District Of University City Union Avenue Opera
Craft Alliance Link Auctions Second Presbyterian Church United Way Of Greater St. Louis
Crossroads School Live Nation Shakespeare Festival Of St. Louis University City Public Library
Dances of India Manchester United Methodist Church Shaw Neighborhood Association University College, Washington U.
Danforth Center Of Religion & Politics Manor Grove Sheldon Concert Hall US Bank
Danforth Plant Science Center Mark Twain Boyhood And Museum Sherpa Concerts Washington University School of Music
Danna Mckitrick PC Maryville University Shubert Design Furniture Wash U Mini Medical School
Data Dash Inc. Mercy Siteman Cancer Center Wash U STL: Performing Arts Department
Debra K Schuster Associates Metro Theater Company Southern Illinois University Carbondale Webster-Kirkwood Times
Delta Dental Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District SIUE College Arts & Science Webster Community Arts Foundation
Earthways CTR-MO Bot Garden Mid America Festivals Saint Louis University Webster University
Edison Theatre Midsummer Arts Faire SLU Hospital/SSM Health Wells Fargo Advisors
Elaine Viets Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum SLU John Cook School Of Business Youthbridge Community Foundation
Electrici Media Machine, INC. Miriam School SLU Museum Of Art  
Entertainment St. Louis Missouri Baptist Hospital SLU School Of Law  
Ethical Society Of St. Louis Missouri Cures EDU Foundation SLUCare Physicians Group  
Fair Shares CCSA Missouri Dept Of Economic Development Sony Pictures Classics  

Pulitzer Arts Foundation combines African art and an algorithm

Pulitzer Arts Foundation combines African art and an algorithm  

Who We Are

Albert Rose
Vice President
Linda Locke
Vice President
David Ott
Jimmie Lenz
Doreen Dodson
Jo Ann Arnold* Kimberly Jade Norwood
Donald C. Bingaman Shanti Parikh
Leon Felman* Joseph T. Porter, Jr
Linda Honigfort Maurice Quiroga
Lawrence Katzenstein Chris Sommers
Bret Kimes Michele Steinberg
Charlotte Martin Harvey Wallace
Kevin McKinney Richard Weil
Rebecca Messbarger David Wells
*Indicates members who served during FY15 who are now deceased.
Fundraising and Administration
Marquetta Anderson
Business Assistant
Jeffrey Bewley
Associate Development Director
Jennifer Brake
Development Officer
Geoffrey Burton
Corporate Accounts Representative
Ben Chambers
Development Officer
Tim Eby
General Manager
Denice Hamilton
Associate Development Director
Richard Herberts
IT Specialist
Maureen Hughes
Director, Finance & Administration
Martin Kaplan
Business Assistant
Shelley Kerley
Director, Development
Jessica Luther
Business Assistant
Alie McNeil
Guest Relations Specialist
Mary Niehaus
Development Officer
Kathy Parks
Corporate Accounts Manager
Linda Reich
Corporate Accounts Representative
Jennifer Smith
Corporate Accounts Representative
Zack Stovall
Development Coordinator
Martha Wegmann
Corporate Accounts Representative
Nicole Williams
Development Coordinator
News, Programming, and Events
Jim Althoff
Part-Time Announcer
Maria Altman
Innovation Reporter
Willis Ryder Arnold
Arts/Culture Reporter
Durrie Bouscaren
Health Reporter
Aaron Doerr
Talk Show Production Assistant
Phil Donato
Marketing/Special Events Manager
Robert W. Duffy
Arts/Culture Reporter
Terrence Dupuis
Chief Broadcast Engineer
Mary Edwards
Talk Show Senior Producer
Nancy Fowler
Arts/Culture Reporter
Jeff Franklin
Part-Time Announcer
Margaret Wolf Freivogel
Nick Garcia
Part-Time Announcer
Marshall Griffin
Statehouse Reporter
Alex Heuer
Talk Show Producer
Carolina Hidalgo
Photo/Video Journalist
Jim Howard
Washington Reporter
Brent Jones
Data Visual Specialist
Donna Korando
Editor: Arts, Culture, Voices
Joseph Leahy
Afternoon Newscaster
Stephanie Lecci
Newscast Producer
Mary Delach Leonard
Work/Life Reporter
Rachel Lippmann
Justice Reporter
Shannon Lischwe
Marketing Assistant
Tim Lloyd
Linda Lockhart
Outreach Specialist
Susannah Lohr
Visual Communications Specialist
Jo Mannies
Political Reporter
Don Marsh
Talk Show Host
Charlie McDonald
Part-Time Announcer
Geri Mitchell
Morning Host
Kelly Moffitt
Online Producer
Greg Munteanu
Midday Host / Production Specialist
Shula Neuman
Editor: Science, Health, Innovation
Dennis Owsley
Part-Time Announcer
Madalyn Painter
Digital Media Manager
Robert Peterson
Director, Radio
Camille Phillips
Weekend Newscaster
Stephen Potter
Afternoon Host
Wayne Pratt
Morning Newscaster
Kelsey Proud
Editor: Digital Innovation
Bill Raack
Editor: Audio
Spencer Reed
Traffic Coordinator
Gerry Rohde
Part-Time Announcer
Jason Rosenbaum
Political Reporter
Mike Schrand
Program/Ops Manager
Dale Singer
Education Reporter
Kimberly Springer
Engagement Producer
Kameel Stanley
Race & Culture Reporter


To be a source of information and entertainment that opens the mind and nourishes the spirit.


To be recognized as a distinctive and vital media source that strengthens the civic and cultural life of the communities it serves.