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Listeners like you are St. Louis Public Radio’s largest and most important source of funding. Your contribution demonstrates your desire for the reliable, thoughtful and enriching programs you find on public radio 90.7 KWMU, Jazz KWMU-2, Classical KWMU-3, and 90.3 WQUB.

  • Make an ongoing monthly contribution until you tell us to stop.
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There are many other ways to give to St. Louis Public Radio such as vehicle donations, corporate support, and volunteering!


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Membership Benefits

Thank-You Gifts

With any contribution of $5/month or more, you may choose from a selection of one or more thank you gifts, depending on the amount of your donation, including umbrellas, shirts and mugs.

Exclusive Member Benefits
Member Benefits

Exclusive Member Benefits

Membership allows you to become more involved with St. Louis Public Radio and enjoy exclusive benefits such as station tours, special event invitations, ticket discounts, and much more.

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